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Welcome to Imperial Imprint LLC

Welcome to Imperial Imprint LLC

Welcome to Imperial Imprint LLCWelcome to Imperial Imprint LLC

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Imperial Imprint LLC is a company which features art and literature. Currently most of our artists and authors are based from South Carolina where the majority of those are inmates in the state penitentiary.

In order to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others they are sharing their talents with the world to make the world a better place to be both inside prison, but more importantly outside of it.  

We have the Art component as well as the literary, however one our first projects in the "Save the Children"  our collaborative book “Letters to Our Sons, A Collection of Letter by Prisoners & Ex-Prisoners to Stop the Mass Incarceration of Our Youth”, in which inmates and those affiliated with the prison system share their prison experiences to deter others from breaking the law, hence landing in prison.  See the Save Our Children project page.  

We also have some excellent urban fiction writers who are representing South Carolina and Metro. Please take a read and see the wonderful books that are currently on Amazon.  “Mya Mafia - The Rise of a Gangstress”, by South Carolina's "Streets", “Twisted Loyalty” and “Suzie Q” by James Sigler, and our upcoming paranormal fiction "Spawn of the Darkness" by Antony F Martin.

On our Art pages please be sure to see the work of our talented artists, Half, Dre, Mike Moore and Wayne Alexander and how you can by either the original or prints of their work. Some do portraits, so you can send your information through the website and have only your picture sent to the artist, or work with the artist directly, either way, the idea is to create positivity and a better world for all of us.



The majority of books written by prisoners and ex-prisoners  both fiction and non-fiction.


Art Work

Our Talented Artists and their Biographies. 

(More artwork to come)

The "Letters To Our Sons" From Within Prison Series

These informative and compelling videos that are in conjunction with the "Letters to Our Sons" book can be seen at:  https://www.edgecitydesign.com/fromwithinseries 


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